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CEO's Message

CEO Thank you for visiting the website of Disec. When we started to manufacture semiconductor equipment and parts, the international semiconductor market as well as domestic semiconductor manufacturers doubted the quality of the technologies possessed in Korea. Furthermore, nobody willingly wanted to use parts manufactured in Korea.

However, now ití»s hard to find non domestic parts. The technologies developed and produced here in Korea are not only gaining wide recognition and favorable attention in international markets, but semiconductor firms from the USA and Japan that had previously paid little regard to technologies developed in Korea are starting to aggressively place orders in Korea. Moreover, semiconductor and LCD-related equipment are developing in unison, so Korea is occupying a preeminent position in relation to this technology.

All employees of Disec are exerting all their efforts to develop better technologies and more sophisticated functions, and more innovative products. We sincerely hope you will support us by giving us your ongoing support and advice.
CEO Oh Jung Pyo