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04 Disec incorporated
  05 Selected to Technology Business Incubator by Gyeongbuk TP
01 Company Lab authorized by KOTIA
  02 New technology venture business authorized by Small and Medium
     Business Administration
  04 Company specializing in parts authorized by Ministry of Knowledge
  07 ISO Quality management certified by KSA
  07 Export-promising company authorized by Small and Medium Business
06 Promising SMB selected by Daegu Bank
  12 Excellent venture business awarded by Gyeongbuk TP
01 Designated as a Initial technology commercialization investment
     business by KDB
  04 Constructed a new factory and relocated it to the 4th Gumi national
     industrial complex
  06 Selected to INNO-BIZ by Small and Medium Business Administration
  09 Elected as Gyeongbuk Start Venture Business by Gyeongsangbuk-do
02 Constructed a lab-only research building / 1,093.53㎡
    - Elected as a Military Contractor by Military Manpower Administration
    - Visited by a Chief of SMBA, Hong Seok Woo
  12 Designated as a Family business by Small and medium Business
06 Won a prize of minister of knowledge Economy in 2009 business-
    opening competition
  08 Acquired NET certification on multi wire saw by Ministry of Knowledge
  11 Won a grand prize in 9th Gyeongbuk science and technology
    competition in Gyengsanbuk-do
03 Won official commendation from The Korea Chamber of Commerce &
    Industry on the 37th Commerce Day
05 Elected to a patent star business by Korean Intellectual Property Office
    (Korea invention promotion association in Gyeongbuk)